Queen Empaths: Get Your Mojo Back

Want to stop the overwhelm of being an energy sponge and make your sensitivity a super power?

My system of 8 Minute Energy Boosts and live audio healings can help you get higher energy, vibrant health, calm focus, & release the draining energy of others.

Get a gift of a 8 minute reset sample and awaken your MOJO.

Click here to Enroll today to get the $3520 healing journey for $1997 when you enroll in this special fall cohort.

My Clients Get Joyful Results

Moriah P.

I feel like the 8 Minute resets and deep healing transmissions, work with the stone medicine and oils are all coming together where I feel calmer and stronger in a new way.

Nancy S.

“Kay has helped me push through emotional blockages in my own healing journey and moved me from inertia and fear in growing my holistic business to implementing with Joy.

Nikki W.

“I've used Kay's methods to break through blocks around low energy, weight loss and long term and deep depression that was not responsive to therapy, medications or other interventions, of all which were all blocking my ability to see a path for creating my own business in balance.”

Enroll today in the fall cohort and get the $3520 program for $1997.


Get Your Mojo Back: A Hands-On, Live Audio Healing Journey for Queen Empaths with Serious Exhaustion & Anxiety

For 22 years as an empath and business owner, I struggled with fibromyalgia, depression and anxiety until I learned the secret to solving the true source of my problems--holding other people's energy to a point of depleting my own energy tanks.

That solution led me on a path for 18 years as a qi gong energy medicine specialist to help my empathic clients heal deeply and regain control of their emotions and lives.

Reclaim Your ENERGY and...

Achieve Peak Performance

Our 8 Minute Energy resets help you to let go of draining stress and get consistent levels of energy and emotional clarity to achieve peak performance, the vibrant energy to get done the things that are most important to you in business and in life!

Manifest Calm Focus

The holistic tools of visualization, breathwork, self massage, aromatherapy, healing sounds, crystal healing and qi gong movements create a rich tool kit of quick healing resets to help you in the moment when you are feeling most tired, anxious or depressed.

Reclaim Your Magic & Mojo

When you learn how to regulate your energy daily, you realign yourself with the frequency of JOY that comes from your sensitive nature that allows you to be aware and tuned in to high vibrations, insights and quantum fields. Celebrate that!

What You Get with Our Hands-On Healing Sessions

A 60 Day Road Map of Healing that Creates Consistently Higher Energy, Vibrant Health & Less Anxiety

  • Access to guided, hands-on healing sessions and 8 minute energy resets that encompass self-massage of power points, aromatherapy, visualizations, breath work, mindful movement and stone healing.($1250)
  •  Each client will also receive a beautifully healing kit of blessed healing crystals, a proprietary essential oil blend, and a copy of the book, "Five Elements Healing: A Practical Guide to Reclaiming Your Essential Power." ($120)
  • Stone mini-lessons that demystify how to use stones to heal deeply. ($50)
  • Access to the VIP FIve Elements Healing Community on FB with recipes, videos and weekly 30 minutes recharge coaching classes AND the opportunity to ask Kay questions directly.  ($400)
  • 8 live Q/A and healing & implementation sessions/ ($1200)
  • Secret Bonuses that you will get via email at the completion of each lesson ($500)

Total Value: $3520.

I always ask my clients when we start working together,  "What do you think your current struggles are costing you financially, a $1000, $3500...more?"  

Every single one of them answers, "MORE!" Of course.

They are paying more than that in mindfulness trainings, meditation classes, medical bills, fitness trainer fees, dietary and weight loss program fees,  therapists or life coach fees, and in lost income because they don't have the energy to manifest true abundance across a body, mind and spiritual level.

I'll bet you are experiencing this too!

So you can appreciate why this healing journey is valued at $3520.

Since you are among the first 5 to enroll for the fall cohort, I am offering you this special rate of $1997.

Counts as CEU units for Aiki Healing graduates. Meets the requirement for the Aiki Healing Certification for Community Energy Healer Advocate.



14 Day Risk Free Policy

I make it easy for you to try the course out risk-free with our no questions asked 14 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Often when we are at the edge of a really important transformation, we hesitate.

Push aside those "reasons" to pull back and let yourself delve into the full potential of your energy, without risk. You have nothing to lose and all the MOJO to gain.

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