Block Bust Your Life

Want to have more energy, peak performance, and calmer states while accessing greater states of JOY? Browse the Aiki Healing suite of products that help you clear the 5 most limiting blocks to your most impactful self.

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Three Ways to Clear Struggle and Start Thriving

Step 1 Wake Up to the  True Problem

Stop wasting money working with the symptoms of the problem that do not provide permanent results.

Watch the video to find out how working with the root of my true problems enabled me to go from laying in bed wracked with pain, anxiety and exhaustion to overcoming fibromyalgia and growing a successful practice that  has helped clients CRUSH it with their energy flows and businesses--and learn how working with the true problem will HELP YOU turn struggle into SUCCESS.

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Step 2 Get  Lasting  Results from an Expert in Energy Medicine & Business

In this video, learn how you can get targeted and long lasting results when you work with a specialist in energy medicine that has over 18 years of experience in Chinese energy medicine and 28 years lived experienced running businesses.


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Step 3  Use Tools that Evolve to Create Sustaining Results

Why do most healing programs fail to create sustaining results?

In this video, discover how to get the fullest value of your original investments in trainings and MAGNIFY that value over time by working with a specialist who has 30 years experience in as an educator in creating programs with high completion and sustained results rates.


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Our Clients are Getting Deep and Long Lasting Results

Moriah Polanco, Owner Austin Energy Spa

Kay has helped me completely transform myself physically, mentally, and spiritually, breaking through multiple blocks in life and  with running my holistic business.


Nikki Washington, Owner Blooming out of Depression

I've used Kay's methods to break through blocks around low energy, weight loss and depression, which were all blocking my ability to see a path for creating my own business in balance.

V. Gonzales Corporate Attorney

Excited to implement the Five Elements Healing framework in my daily life. I have benefited from her extraordinary insights on many levels personally and professionally...and her infusing sessions that restored my energy when I was ready to DROP.

Monica Farbriaz: Artist and Educator

Kay has the unique ability to connect the dots to help identify where one is stuck in business and life, and brings the clarity and tools to transform challenges into opportunities to manifest in the world. 

Leslie G. CEO of FierceFitness ATX

Kay has a compassionate approach to accessing and coaching those in her service and care. She is able to get to heart of matters and offers herself freely as she is sincerely moved to improve the lives of others.


Nancy Samano: Healing Cancer with Qi Gong 

Kay has helped me push through emotional blockages in my own healing journey and moved me from inertia and fear in growing my holistic business to implementing with Joy. Woo hoo--I'm actually teaching now!

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